[MS] V3U1 Series


  • An USB Keyboard Emulated magnetic stripe reader as an alternative to the V3TU not produced anymore
  • The quality of the genuine Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions® V3A-1 Reader
  • A compact manual swipe reader
  • No external power source required
  • Compatible with most computers and terminals
  • Software configuration tools (track selection, keyboard language, preamble, postamble...)



  • Point of Sale (POS) systems
  • ID card checkers
  • Club membership
  • Access management
  • Remote terminals for computers

With aluminium housing:

  • Outdoor / anti vandalism access point
  • Self banking / vending access
  • Access management



Green/red LED status : Yes
Readed tracks : ISO 1 - ISO 2 - ISO 3 Reads encoded cards that meet ISO/ANSI/AAMVA standards
Bidirectional read capability : Yes
Passes with ISO conforming cards : Up to 1,000,000
Current Consumption : 100mA typical
Low power C-MOS technology : Yes
Recommended Card Type : Magnetic Card - ISO 7810, 7811/1-6
Recording Method : F2F
Card feeding speed : 10 to 120 cm/second
Service Life of Magnetic Head : 300,000 passes minimum
Operating Power Supply : +5V DC ±10%
Cable : Built-in 1,2m with standard USB connector
USB : Keyboard Emulation. Ideal for existing keyboard wedge applications. Raw data transferred to PC and display on screen as if keyed in manually
Software : No software interface required to view card data. Configuration Tool for: Selection of the Track, Keyboard language,Preamble, Postamble...

Part Number Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 ICC JIS