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Proximity Cards & Tags

HID Cards and Credentials

Since 2010, Corona is HID Advantage Partner and supplies all HID products.

Genuine HID



HID Global delivers a complete solution of secure smart card IDs and credentials in a variety of form factors for physical and logical access control as well as converged solutions for building and computer access, transit payment, cashless vending, biometrics and other applications.

HID provides the industry’s broadest range of smart card-based credentials such as cards, tags and keyfobs. As part of its portfolio, HID offers non technology IDs as well as single technology, multi technology, and contact chip-based smart cards.

iCLASS SE® platform solutions also include SIO-enabled credentials featuring multi-layered security beyond the smart card technology for maximum security and added protection to identity data.

Whether customers utilize HID Global’s extensive FARGO printer portfolio for their secure issuance needs or HID’s Secure Identity Services that include the Corporate 1000, Priority Plus, Elite programming and Identity on Demand card personalization services for graphical or technology customization, customers can rely on HID Global to provide a comprehensive range of products, solutions and services to fit their needs. Based on existing standards, Genuine HID credentials are also designed for interoperability with third party solutions that support smart card-based technology.

ID Cards & Credentials


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What Format Do You Need? What Is a Format?

A format is the structure of the data stored in an access control credential. Basically it is comprised of a set of binary digits – “bits”– put together a certain way to create a binary number, which is converted into a credential number by an access control system. The number of ones and zeros, and how they are put together, determines the format and ultimately the credential number.
For example: A 26-bit format (H10301) is created like this

1-11111111-0001011111101100-1 with the first set of ones (in red) representing the site code and the second set of ones and zeros (in blue) representing the credential number. The access control system sees this format as card number 6124 with a site code 255. The 26-bit format is the most common format requested by dealers and can be used by most access control systems available today. However, there are many formats available and some formats are unique to access control systems and do not work with other formats at the same time. This is why it is so important to know the format when ordering credentials.



About MIFARE® mifare_partner

MIFARE is NXP’s well-known brand for a wide range of contactless IC products with a typical read/write distance of 10 cm (4 inch) used in more than 40 different applications worldwide. With 50 million reader and 5 billion card components sold, MIFARE products are proven and reliable more than any other interface technologies in the market. This huge installed base of MIFARE products enables service providers to expand their offer while reducing the total costs and increasing users’ convenience.

MIFARE products comply with the international standard ISO/IEC 14443, which is used in more than 80% of all contactless smart cards today. Within the MIFARE product families, backwards compatibility ensures that the existing infrastructure can be smoothly upgraded to higher security and feature levels. To further extend the reach of MIFARE products, the MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group brings MIFARE applications onto NFC enabled mobile devices.

In its successful history, MIFARE products have established an excellent reputation and footprint as the leading contactless solution that delivers convenience, flexibility and scalability for application developers. Over 1,000 business partners are part of the open MIFARE community and ecosystem. In 2012, MIFARE solutions accounted for more than 80% of all contactless ticketing credentials deployed according to ABI Research

The leading products available are MIFARE UltralightMIFARE ClassicMIFARE PlusMIFARE DESFire andSmartMX.

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Low Frequency (125 KHz)



Blanco PVC card - Hitag 1


Blanco PVC card - Hitag 2


Blanco PVC card - Hitag S 256


Blanco PVC card - Hitag S 2048


EM 4102

Blanco PVC card - EM 4102




High Frequency (13,56 MHz)



Blanco PVC card - Legic MIM 256


Blanco PVC card - Legic MIM 1024



Blanco PVC card - NXP i-Code SLI

  • Frequency : 13.56MHz
  • Protocol : ISO15693
  • EEPROM Size : 128 Byte




MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 (2K/4K/8K)



MF3 ICD21 - MF3 ICD41 - MF3 ICD81


  • Blanco cards, tags and tickets
  • See datasheets on official website



MIFARE® Classic

MF1 ICS50 - MIFARE Classic 1K
 - MIFARE Classic 1K


  • Blanco cards and tags and tickets
  • See datasheets on official website








  • Blanco cards and tags and tickets
  • See datasheets on official website




MIFARE Ultralight®



MF0 ICU10 - MIFARE Ultralight


  • Blanco cards and tags and tickets
  • See datasheets on official website






KEY FOB - Several models and technologies are avaible. Please, contact us.

  • Available RFID Chips at 125KHz 
    • EM4100
    • EM4102
    • EM4450
    • Hitag1
    • Hitag2
  • Available Chips at 13.56MHz
    • MIFARE Classic 1K
    • MIFARE Classic 4K
    • MIFARE Ultralight
    • MIFARE DESFire EV1


Available Colors : Grey, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Pink, Orange, Black