MIWA is Japan's leading electronic door lock manufacturer. With an 80% marketshare, MIWA dominates the Japanese hotel industry. MIWA has representation worldwide and in Benelux, Corona is proud to be able to sell and support these high quality and very competitively priced electronic locks.

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ALV2 Series

Utilizing contactless smart card MIFARE® technology.

ALV2 lock is the latest in a long line of electronic locking solutions from Miwa Lock and is designed specifically for today’s busy hospitality industry. Using the latest in RFID technology the new locking system is attractive yet durable and easy for guests and staff to use.

Extremely Durable
As the system is based on the contactless or proximity technology there is none of the usual wear and tear on either the front desk equipment or the locks themselves, this in turn increases the durability and reluability of the complete system.

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Access Cards
is able to supply all your Proximity Access Cards, compatible with the Miwa system.



AL5H Series

Dual technology in one smart lock. Designed to read magnetic cards and IC smart cards.

Designed to read magnetic cards, memory smart cards and processor cards, the AL5H combines high quality engineering with state of the art electronics, offering you the benefits of:

  • Time saving convenience for you and your guests.
  • Complete access control.
  • Trouble free operation.
  • 600-event audit trail.
  • Reliable and Secure mechanics.
  • Audible and Visual card recognition.
  • Infra-red lock programming.
  • Economic & efficient battery power consumption.

Access Cards
is able to supply all your Hybrid Cards, compatible with the Miwa system.







AW2H Series

Standard system to read world's most popular magnetic cards.

When looking for a locking system for your property there are many choices on the market today. Obviously security for your guests and staff is of the highest priority and choosing a system to accomplish this is not always the easiest decision. There are a lot of locks on the market today that offer many features and benefits to the hotel operator, however most of these products have been designed with the larger properties in mind and have the price tag to match. Miwa is now offering the AW2H lock which is designed for today’s security conscious limited service property’s this has been produce with limited budgets in mind.

Access Cards
is able to supply all your Magnetic Stripe Cards, compatible with the Miwa system.